Nemco 56750 Easy Onion Slicer Ii - 1/2

Nemco 56750 Easy Onion Slicer Ii - 1/2"

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Nemco's Easy Onion Slicer II takes EASY to a whole new level...because a factory-pretensioned blade set NEVER, EVER, needs tightening

Also cuts a wide variety of fruits and other vegetables

Cuts up to a 4-inch-diameter colossal onion

Just like its predecessor, the Easy Onion Slicer II features stainless steel blades and commercial-grade aluminum construction for lasting durability

No wrenches required

Plus, they rsquo ll save time and slice with impeccable consistency

Spec Sheet

Thanks to the pretensioned blade cartridge, even your most inexperienced employees can easily change the blades

Two tiers of scalloped pre-tensioned blades ensure consistent slice thickness