Dixon Valve Ixse64, Sanitary Style Clamp End Stem

Dixon Valve Ixse64, Sanitary Style Clamp End Stem

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Dixon, IXSE64, Internal Expansion (IX) Sanitary Style Clamp End Stem Applications Flow Chief Sanitary Fittings are used in the food, dairy and beverage industries, recommended where increased flow capacity is important

Compatibility of ferrule material with the environment in which it will be used is recommended

Consult the Compatibility Chart for material compatibility.

Holedall fittings are not to be used with cable reinforced high-pressure hose, 4 or 6 braid wire hydraulic hose or any other service not listed in the recommendations

Hose service working pressure including surges and spikes is never to exceed the maximum recommended working pressure for the fitting

Media being transported through the hose should be compatible with the stem material

Note Consult maximum working pressure chart or Safety notes Flow Chief internal expansion IX fittings are only to be used with Flow Chief stainless steel ferrules Holedall couplings, regardless of coupling style, are never to be used for steam service at any pressure

Strict adherence to ferrule OD range internally expanded for each hose end to be assembled is essential for satisfactory performance

The assembly's hose coupling maximum working pressure is the lesser of the hose rated working pressure or the coupling rated working pressure